Vulnerability of 5 pmlc models and

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Vulnerability of 5 PMLC Models and Mitigation Strategy

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These cookies only collect personal data when you opt in to search a job. Vulnerability of Project Management Life Cycle (Pmlc) Model Words | 6 Pages. The five PMLC models according to Wysocki are as follows: 1.

Linear PMLC model 2. Incremental PMLC model 3. Iterative PMLC model 4. Adaptive PMLC model 5. Extreme PMLC model Linear PMLC Model: This is one of the Traditional Project Management (TPM) method, it. MVM Infotech is a Software development and Consulting Company headquartered in Bangalore, INDIA with a global presence.

We are a great team of experienced people who have solved complex and mission critical business problems. febrero de – junio de 2 años 5 meses • Performed risk-based assessment of IT Projects to provide a holistic view of the project status to the Business and Senior Management team.

• Evaluations provided insights as to whether the project had a high probability of achieving Information Security Sr at Freddie.

Highly talented, dynamic, innovative and versatile Information Technology Professional offering broad-based experience in IT Project/Program/Portfolio Management and Consulting, along with roles in Executive Leadership, Service Management, Cyber Security, Solutions Delivery, Vendor Management, Application Development, Systems Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure, Help Desk.

Developed business models, go to market strategies, integrated cross-channel sales process and a customer configuration solution to support customer quoting/ procurement of next generation Cloud products and services on the web (in partnership with Accenture, Cisco, VMWare and EMC, and in response to competition – Amazon WS, Rackspace and ISPs).

Vulnerability of 5 pmlc models and
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