The neoclassical model of labour leisure choice

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The neoclassical style of labour leisure choice

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Labour economics

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The Neoclassical Labor-Leisure Model (Chapter 2) Suppose an individual has a utility function U (C, L), where C is consumption of goods measured in dollars and L is hours of leisure. 2. special focus: measuring leisure in oecd countries society at a glance oecd social indicators – isbn – © oecd Baseline RBC model Neoclassical growth model with three modi cations: I it’s in discrete time I it’s stochastic I it features a labor-leisure choice competitive markets and no money Production function Y t = K t (A tL t) 1 0.

The neoclassical model of labour-leisure choice can be used to analyse labour supply behaviour and identify the factors in a person's work decision and her decision how many hours to work (Borjas, ).

Neoclassical Model Of Labor-Leisure Choice Framework typically used to analyze labor supply behavior. Isolates the factors that determine whether a particular person works and, if so, how many hours she chooses to work.

The Basic Static Labor Supply Model. Consider a single individual with a utility function U (y, ℓ) where y is income and ℓ is leisure. Both y and ℓ are “goods”, i.e.

Causes of Inequality: Analytical Strategies

the consumer prefers more of each: U 1 > 0; U 2 > 0. Suppose this person has non-labor income of G, and can work as many hours, h, as she wishes at a wage of w per hour.

The neoclassical model of labour leisure choice
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