Number line model adding and subtracting

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Year 1/2 Maths Plans

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Adding negative numbers on the number line

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Students use a ratio table to represent equivalent measurement ratios in the context of a recipe. This DreamBox lesson helps students mentally multiply and divide as they use scale factors and number relationships to understand equivalent ratios. Number Line helps students visualize number sequences and illustrate strategies for counting, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

Choose number lines labelled with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, or negative numbers. Illustrates what it means to find a common denominator and combine. If you know how to add and subtract whole numbers, then you can add and subtract decimals!

Fractions are better understood when seen (or eaten).

Just be sure to line up the terms so that all the decimal points are in a vertical line. Subtraction using a number line. Subtraction using number lines worksheets focuses on subtraction up to Complete or frame a subtraction sentence using the number line model.

Multiplication using a number line. This set of worksheets includes topics like writing multiplication sentences, match numbers with multiplication sentences and much more.

How to Add and Subtract Positive and Negative Numbers Numbers Can be Positive or Negative. This is the Number Line.

Number line model adding and subtracting
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