Communication models in nursing

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Communication theory and its applications in nursing and healthcare

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Feb 20,  · Communication is a vital element in Nursing in all areas of activity and in all its interventions such as prevention, treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, education and health promotion. The nursing process moreover as a scientific method of exercise and implementation of Nursing, is achieved through dialogue, through interpersonal environment and with specific skills of verbal communication.

Background: A diagnosis of cancer is a stressful, difficult, and life-altering event. Breaking bad news is distressing to patients and families and is often uncomfortable for the nurse delivering it.

Hildegard Peplau Theory

Evidence-based communication models have been developed and adapted for use in clinical practice to assist nurses with breaking bad news.

Clinical Development: A framework for effective communication skills 23 November, This article outlines a framework for nurses to further develop their communication skills.

Communication in Nursing Practice

In nursing practice, communication is essential, and good communication skills are paramount in the development of a therapeutic nurse/patient relationship. This will be achieved by providing a definition of communication, making reference to models of communication and explaining how different types of communication skills can be used.

Nov 28,  · Establishing a simple communication is essential to reduce anxiety and depression. Hence, the objective of the present studywas to examine the impact of Peplau therapeutic communication model on anxiety and depression in patients, who were candidate for coronary artery bypass in Al-Zahra Heart Hospital, Shiraz during Due to the fact that effective communication is regarded as an essential skill in nursing only students that have gained competency in this area will be permitted to go on and register as a qualified nurse (NMC, ).

Communication models in nursing
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Peplau's Theory of Interpersonal Relations: Hildegard. E. Peplau